Monday, April 06, 2009

Post-it Moments

Today, as I sat on my desk and saw the Post-it note on my computer monitor, I remembered that I wrote to myself to remind me of what I had done the day before.  Daily Stand-ups are always nice because in a way it reminds you what you had done and what you are going to do.  It also informs the team of what you have been doing.  But when you are jumping from one task to another due to project dependencies or short chit-chats with colleagues (or your manager) at the coffee machine, which cannot be avoided, you have to write these things down and stick it on your monitor so that you have a "perfect" reminder of the day before.

I guess you can also say that I am a major Post-it user.  Ever since that day I saw that scene between Lisa Kudrow talking about “inventing the post-its” in the movie Romy and Michelle’s High School reunion, I can never stop using them!  I have Post-its everywhere: 
  • My grocery shopping list is on a Post-it, sticking on the side of my wallet.
  • My monthly expenses and “must-haves” are written on two different Post-it sheets on my kitchen corkboard. 
  • I have To-Do lists written on Post-its sticking on my planner. 
  • I even have a digital Post-it application on the desktop of my laptop if the “paper Post-its” are not enough…
  • At work, I have at least two Post-its sticking on the sides of my computer monitor at work reminding me about things that need to be done on the coming Sprint.  
  • I use them as bookmarks, reminding me what that part of the book is without having to skim through it first…

I guess Life is like that as well.  I will not say that I am a person who knows a lot of things about life, because I'm not.  What I do know, is that recently, a lot of things have happened in my life that makes me want to qualify them as "Post-it moments". (Note: I'm using the classic colored Post-its, not the overly colorful or bright versions of today... Eew.)

1. Blue Post-it note.  Several days ago, I received an email from my mother that one of my dear mentors from Grad school died of a heart attack.  Even not too long ago as well, one of my Dad's brothers lovingly known as "Speed" to his friends and to family and "Uncle Giant" died.  Death is a very touchy subject for me and even more so, I don't like the idea of looking at coffins, especially white ones.  Blue post it notes makes me feel sad.  Whether you use a black or blue pen, this color seems to drain the life out of the ink and make it so look so sad and almost non-existent.  These also remind you that life can't always be colorful and happy.

2. Yellow Post-it note.  One of my bestfriend since high school is getting married.  Yes, Peanut, I'm talking about you... ;)  News such as these are like the bright yellow Post-it notes that brighten up your day and make you smile.  It's always bright and will still try to be bright, eventhough you spill hot chocolate or coffee on it.

3. Green Post-it note. Green Post-it notes are dubious ones.  They are the kind of post it notes that in some occasions show your note quite clear, and yet also in other instances, just like blue makes the original ballpen ink color fade and mesh with the background...  The current economic crisis is like that.  I feel that a lot being an migrant worker.  You are left with a particular uncertainty despite the fact that Upper Management would tell you that everything is alright.  At times like these, everything seems soooo dubious...

4. Orange/Pink Post-it note. Like the Yellow Post-it note, this one can be as bright and juicy as can be. These are the kind of Post-it notes which you use if you don't want to forget anything.  Like a very important meeting or job interview!  When I was trying to take my Dutch driving exam, I remember place a bright colored Orange or was it a Pink Post-it note in a chapter of my driving theory book to remember a very important rule in driving...  These are like "exclamation point" markers and in life (and during that Driving theory exam), it felt as though life was highlighting the questions and answers for me...  These are like things in your life that remind you of what really matters and keeps on reminding you that same thing over and over again...  Like a sibling's birthday or that trip to Ireland which you owe yourself for a long time, perhaps...


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