Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sci-Fi Dad

Personal log – 9th of May, 2009.

After FedCon 2009, I have been feeling a bit nostalgic about somethings and someone. It's my Dad. Later this year, we would be celebrating his 8th death anniversary. Yet something about that is so surreal. Not that he was an absentee parent, but it was his job that reduced the time we spent together in half, I guess. He worked in islands, while the rest of the family settled in another. The price he had to pay to give us a good life, and make sure that we had "roots" to call our own, instead of wandering like a family of nomads at every new assignment that he had...

I wonder what would've happened if he were still alive today and I planned and attended FedCon? How would he have reacted? Would we have exchanged a gazillion emails about the different sci-fi series that was presented there? Would he tell me about what he thought about the actors and the storylines? Would he tell me that he had huge crush on Erin Gray (from Buck Rogers)? Because I know he did tell me once that he had a huge crush on singer/actress, Cher, when I was in my middle teens. The only reaction he got from me was a big fat "Eeeww!".

In the 19 years that I've known my father, I would say that he probably was a Sci-Fi fan. He was the one who introduced me to Star Trek and Star Wars in the first place, although several years ago, I would have called it "baduy" (out of style or ouderwets [NL]). I think he would have laughed his ass off if he realized how big a Sci-Fi fan I've become now, and that I've realized how I love the TV shows and movies that we used to watch together years back...

A couple of weeks back, I bought the season 1 and season 2 (only the first 12 episodes) of the old TV series, Beauty and the Beast (Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman). I can still remember the happiness that surged within me when I got hold of those DVD boxes... But now that he's not here, I feel like I'm reminiscing the old times and that he is right here beside me when I watch the episodes. I guess now that I'm starting to collect DVD editions of the shows that we used to watch (McGuyver, MASH, A-Team, et cetera), I will also try to get my hands on other "older" Sci-Fi shows and movies (TOS, TNG, Buck Rogers, old BSG, et cetera) and watch them like me and him used to... This half-Klingon would hate to admit it, but I miss him terribly.

End log.


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