Sunday, April 02, 2006

Board shorts and Bantayan

"Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's doors..."

Hmmm. The past couple of days was BUM HEAVEN for me! I was in PARADISE! Talk about practically getting whisked away in an island paradise with nothing but a pair of board shorts, a swim suit, some clothes and a bunch of your friends?!? I can't tell you how indescribable the feeling was to lie on a lounge chair by the shore, and feel the sea breeze lull you to sleep...

But of course, I wasn't able to sleep... There were too many things on my mind! One of which was the memory of having fun on the pristine white sand beach of the VIRGIN ISLAND... Its serene beauty untouched by commercialization and development and is situated right smack in the middle of nowhere... Natural white sand, had it been edible, I would have eaten it already!

But enough talk... I have to organize my mind... Need to sleep... Sleep more I mean... hehe The travel was back to civilization was hell, literally, but going there and getting back from Bantayan in my board shorts was worth the trip any day in my book! And I still have to thank a few people to thank for taking me on that FUNTASTIC trip!

(2006.04.02 - 09:45 PM)


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