Sunday, April 15, 2007

Am I?

The third installment...


by: KaSoRi
started: 03-17-2004
finished: 03-17-04

When we’re out together,
I don’t understand myself;
Am I foolish for the things,
I ought to be or not be?

When I’m with you,
I think of a lot of things;
I feel a lot of things,
I haven’t allowed myself to have for a long time.

Am I a liar?
To not tell you how I feel;
When all of this time,
You have been most honest to me?

Am I too paranoid?
When everytime you get close to me;
I make up excuses,
Just to get away from you?

Am I selfish?
When I don’t tell you;
That most of the time I’m with you,
All I could think of is holding you near me?

Am I a hypocrite?
To tell you that I don’t need;
The affection that you give me,
When all I could think of is you and me?

When I’m with you,
I am always hoping,
That someday I can tell you,
How I feel for you…

To be able to hold your hand,
To be able to touch your face;
To be able to hold you close,
To be able to say how I feel…


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