Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yet Another

An old one from another blog, long forgotten by time and circumstances...


by KaSoRi
started: 11-19-03
finished: 03-17-04

The room, dark and unwelcoming,
The lights turned off earlier tonight;
My eyes focus on whatever little light,
No matter how minute, I care not;
For this light is shed by an old friend,
whose been there for months now.

The room is very dark now,
Its ambience, still unwelcoming;
If only someone had left the light on tonight,
I know some people likes the light,
(No there is no one whoeremembers not,)
Yet it seems that no one remembers it.

Oh how I wish there would be more,
More people and more light;
For I have found the lack of both,
Most frightening and unwelcoming;
Help me persevere tonight, oh Lord,
As I succumb to yet another night of overtime.


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