Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Sky and me

The last installment... I'm doing a major downsizing of my blogs, people. You get crazy with all the blogs I have come to make. I need to organize it but also not make it worse... ;)


by KaSoRi
started 06-24-04
finished: 06-24-04

Dear Sky, when I drove by,
I looked at you;
With your feathery clouds,
You showed me your gracious smile.

You caressed me with the wind,
Relieved my tensions with your scent;
Oh how you bring the scent of the sea to me,
We both know that’s what I want today.

I could smell your tears,
and I could see them welling up inside you;
Oh how you try to hold them inside of you,
Yet when you break, you give it all out?

And when you are angry,
You grumble and roar;
Sometimes you are scary dear friend,
That I dare not offend…


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