Sunday, April 15, 2007

Words and Passion

The fourth installment...


by KaSoRi
started 03-26-04
finished: 03-26-04

Before I met you,
I always took you for granted;
Knowing that if I ever needed you,
I’d always find you hiding,
Hiding in a good book.

When I do see you,
And don’t understand what you mean to me;
I look at you, try to be you
and feel what it is you try to convey.

You are a part of me,
As I try to become a part of you;
You are my life force,
My strength as well as my will.

You are my passion,
You drive me to heights;
Heights and levels which I thought,
Were once impossible.

You drive me wild,
As you tickle my imagination;
You make me sad, happy,
Sometimes strike a chord and make me angry.

Oh Words, you and your kin,
Are an obsession to me;
A passion that I want to know;
To feel you and never ever part from you.


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